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Getting dressed sequencing activity

Challenge: Rules & Boundaries: Bedtime Routine Game


Resources:  Bedtime Routines Sequencing Cards


What can I do as a parent/carer?   

  • After the bath or shower support your child in getting on night wear.
  • Remember: Support and help them to do it themselves. It will take practice.      
  • Give your child notice that it will be time for bedtime, ten minutes before they go. This will allow them time to get their minds ready for going to bed and finish what they are doing.
  • Before bed give your child a snack, this will help fuel their bodies as they sleep.
  • Support them in brushing their teeth (2 mins minimum).          
  • Read your child a bedtime story. Don’t expect them to read.  They love to listen.


Supports your child to:

  • Be calm and relaxed when going to bed.
  • Develop good bedtime routines.
  • Develops good oral hygiene habits.
  • Supports your child to learn.

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