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rules and boundaries

What can I do as a parent/carer?                                     

  • Set appropriate boundaries in place to protect your child from harm. Boundaries are about setting the bottom line about what is acceptable, and what is not.
  • When telling a child not to do something explain your reason. For example, explain to your child why it is not okay to run into the road.
  • Help your child to understand why they have been asked not to break the rules you have put into place; it will support them in understanding consequences i.e. they may get hurt.
  • Set appropriate routines in place, so that your child knows what’s coming next.
  • As your child grows older involve them in the decisions being made and explain your reasoning.
  • You may have to try different ways before finding a solution that works.


Supports your child to:  

  • Be able to follow routines at school. E.g. play time, dinner time
  • Be able to manage their own behaviour, by understanding the rules and boundaries.
  • Having set routines really helps children to manage their day and is an important part of getting children ready for school.


Additional Resources:

Flatts Nursery School

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