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help with toileting

We are aware that many parents want help with potty training or getting their young child to use the toilet independently. 

All children are different and they may all be ready at different times. You can speak to your child's key person or look at the resources below to help you identify when your child is ready. 

Once they are ready it is time to try. Speak to your child's key person so we can use the same routines at school as you are at home. This will give it the best chance of working. 

Don't be worried if it doesn't work, they may need more time to try or they may not be ready. Keep talking to us and we can work on it together. 

Click on the picture links below to look at the following guides or if you prefer to watch a video, scroll down the page further to the links (they are approximately 15 minutes each). 

Thinking about wee and poo now you've reached the age of 2

Guide to Potty Training

Thinking about wee and poo now you're on your way to school!

Guide for Children with additional needs

Video 1 - How to spot the signs of readiness - Is your child ready to start potty training?

Video 2 - Preparing your child for potty training

Video 3 - Getting started with potty training

Video 4 - Trouble shooting, regression and night time dryness


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