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What's in the bag?

What is in the bag?

Resources:  paper bag, selection of items.

What can I do as a parent/carer?                 

Make this activity into a fun game. Add a selection of items to the bag and let your child choose an

item/toy from inside the bag, no peeping. Ask your child if they can describe the item. You can support

them by asking questions if needed. 

For example: I wonder what it is? I wonder what it could be used for? I don’t know what the colour is,

do you?  What else can you tell me about what you have?


Change it around so that you choose an item, this will give your child the opportunity to think about

some questions for you. Again, support can be given: I think it might be made of wood, what do you

think? I can’t remember what the colour is, do you?


The objective of this game is to encourage your child to use different vocabulary, to gain confidence in

asking questions, listen to what is being said and to have fun whilst doing it.

Don’t forget to explain what specific words mean to your child. For example, do they know what ‘item’



Supports your child to:  

Hear and understand new words.

Practice Speaking new words. whilst thinking about what is being said.

Develop sentence skills.

Have fun with words.

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