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WHat should we put on first?

Challenge: Getting Dressed: Sequencing game


Resources:   Clothes (nearer the time, school uniform), sequencing sheet for playing the game.


What can I do as a parent/carer?


Lay out your child’s clothes and support them in choosing the right item of clothing to put on.  Ask your

child questions about what item of clothing do they think comes next. Don’t worry if your child gets

dressed in a different order to you, this little game is to Support them in thinking about the order, for

example trousers before underwear or underwear before trousers.  Let them make mistakes, this is how

they will learn the order.

Have fun, join in and put your clothes on in the wrong order or back to front and let your Child help you

get dressed.

Let them choose their own clothes to wear if it’s not a uniform, they may surprise you at what they



Sequencing Game: Look at the pictures on the sheet. You could print these out and then cut them out, or

you could cut out pictures of clothes from catalogues or use real clothes. Real clothes work better at this

game, and it’s more fun.


Supports your child to:  

To be able to put their clothes on by themselves.

This will help them at school when they have P.E. When they go out to play (coat on and off).

To be more confident at school.

To be responsible in looking after their clothes.

Get used to family routines.

Make decisions.

Allows them to think about what clothing is needed i.e. depending on the weather.

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