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THings to do everyday

If you find yourself in a period of isolation due to COVID 19, please have a look at activities you could do with your children everyday.



The joy of sharing books is a gift you can give children from the time they are born. The chanting of nursery rhymes, singing of songs, and reading of stories can comfort and entertain even the youngest child.

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Share books because it...

  • Helps create a special bond between parents and children
  • Introduces children to art through the illustrations
  • Enhances children's listening skills
  • Introduces children to a wide variety of experiences
  • Helps prepare children for learning to read
  • Improves and enriches the quality of children's lives
  • Provides fun and enjoyment for children and adults

When to share books

  • Begin when your child is born
  • Set aside a special time each day, such as nap time, bedtime, or after meals
  • Share books when you and your child are in a relaxed mood
  • Limit sharing time if your child becomes fussy or restless
  • Soothe a child who is sick or cranky

How to share books

  • Find a comfortable place to sit
  • Recite or sing rhymes from your favourite books
  • Turn off other distractions — television, radio, tablet or silence phone
  • Hold the book so your child can see the pages clearly
  • Involve your child by having him or her point out objects, talk about the pictures, or repeat common words
  • Read with expression
  • Vary the pace of your reading — slow or fast
  • Have your child select books to read
  • Reread your child's favourite books whenever asked

And remember...

  • Be enthusiastic about books
  • Be an example for your child — let her or him see you read books, to
  • If your child damages books, teach them they are special and keep them in safe places.


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