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Road safety – Games to play.

Resources:  PDF – Tales of the Road (see link at the bottom of page)


What can I do as a parent/carer?  

Read the PDF and whilst out walking with your child, help them to understand how they can be safe. They may be little now and have your hand for safety but as they grow they will become more independent.

Teach them to cross the roads at the right places, teach them to look for traffic, including bicycles.

Ask them questions about where they would cross the road. Pretend that you do not know how to stay safe, so they can ‘help you’ whilst you are out and about.

See if they can see any dangers. If they want to cross where it could be dangerous ask your child if there is a better place that may be safer and explain why.


Supports your child to:    

Look out for dangers.

Know ways in which to cross the roads safely.

Develops good habits for when they are more independent, walking to school

By themselves for example, going out with friends.

Understand why they must wear seatbelts.

Helps them to understand the dangers of using mobile phones near roads.


Additional Resources:

Flatts Nursery School

Ashworth Green, Dewsbury, WF13 2SU

01924 456771