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Road Safety – Hand holding

Resources:  Card, felt tips, crayons, split pins.

What can I do as a parent/carer?  

First and foremost, for preschoolers is an understanding of the vital importance of always holding a grown-up’s hand. Talk to your child about road safety, the dangers, where to cross safely. Go on walks and practice crossing the road, pushing the button on crossings, and waiting for the ‘green man’. Get them into the habit of holding your hand.                                                                            

Reinforce this message by making ‘hand in hands’. Together draw round your hands-on card and cut them out. Put your child’s ‘hand’ on top of yours and attach them at the top with a split pin. You could decorate them with felt-tipped pens to look like two styles of gloves. Organise other members of the family, including grandparents, to make ‘hands in hands’ with your child, too.

Supports your child to:    


Understand they need to hold your hand when you are around busy roads.

Helps them understand the dangers of roads and where to cross safely, this will get them into a good habit for when they are independent.


Additional Resources:

Flatts Nursery School

Ashworth Green, Dewsbury, WF13 2SU

01924 456771