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Our Reading Spine

At Flatts Nursery School, we want all our children to have a love of reading which will develop into a reading habit for life. 

In 2020 we developed a reading spine, a list of classic books we shared and used a basis for our learning. This was successful and many children developed favourite from the list. However, we wanted to develop the list to include some more recent authors and less traditional tales as we will cover these anyway.

We want our children to move to their next school with a sound knowledge of a variety of books. We have now reflected on this and have developed three spines for 2021:

  • Reading Spine - quality books to enjoy with our group and key person, also available in the classroom
  • Enrichment Spine - quality books which encourage discussion about feelings and emotions
  • Poetry Spine - a selection of poetry books, anthologies and rhyming books for children to explore and enjoy rhyme

It is important to note that sharing books with our children is one of the most important things we do, this is a list we are making sure children hear, but they only form part of our offer. We have many quality books in school to enable children to develop their own favourites. This list will be reflected upon, and where needed, titles changed each year through feedback from children, parents and staff.

  Reading Spine  




Lift the flaps book. Repetitive to encourage interaction. 

A lovely story about a boy who shows resilience and problem-solving A great introduction to environmental sounds - phonic link



An incredible journey into Billy's imagination with an amazing ending Familiar animals help children understand space and size. A great one to act out A classic story of growth and change, with a mathematical link.



Lots of noises to act out with the children - phonic link    


Enrichment Spine

These books have been chosen as they offer opportunities to talk about feelings and emotions. In response to the pandemic we saw a negative response to children's Personal, Social and Emotional Development. We are using these books this year to allow children to explore their thoughts with their key person and group.

  Enrichment Spine  




A welcoming book for all our children to hear - link to community A book exploring how feelings can be expressed as colours  




An exciting book which allows us to explore fear - in a fun way A story which includes some great ways of calming your anger  



How others may feel when you get angry A fun and reassuring tale about dealing with worries  


Poetry Spine - these books have rhyme in them and word play for children to begin to enjoy playing wit sounds, joining in with repeated lines and even making up their own.

  Poetry Spine  




A rhythmic train ride through the country. What can we see? What can we see? A boy looking through his telescope. Can he really see a shark? A Fun and exciting book.  



A book looking at different dinosaurs and their skills using rhyming text A lovely book with repetitive and predictable patterns   



So much fun, how many things rhyme with Octopus? A treasure of rhymes for adults and children to choose and develop their favourites  


If you would like some tips on reading with your child click the links below

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