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Managing Behaviour - top tips

Rules and boundaries -Managing behaviour


You might notice that:

  • I know when I’m feeling sad or cross. I understand that if I shout or say unkind things, I might make my friends sad or worried too.
  • I know that sometimes my friends will want to have the toys I’m playing with and need a grown up to help me share these with them.
  • I am beginning to understand that when you are busy, I can’t always have everything I want, when I want it.
  • I know that sometimes I can’t do things I want to do – like jumping up and down on your friend’s sofa with my muddy boots on!

How you can help me learn:

  • Let me dress up and pretend to be a nurse, doctor, firefighter, mum or dad.
  • Explain to me why I can’t do things like run around the supermarket.

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