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In school your child will eat lunch with their friends, this may be a packed lunch or a hot meal. To support them with this here are some ideas for you to do at home.


Resources:  Plates, cups, knives, and forks.


What can I do as a parent/carer?                                               

Encourage your child to independently use a knife (you can get the rounded child version) fork and cup.

At mealtimes serve food in dishes that allow your child to independently get their own food. They may

need a little help but give them time to do this. Don’t be upset if they spill food or drinks. The

coordination and motor skills needed to do this takes time.  We learn by making mistakes.


Talk about the things they are eating, the cutlery they are using, take the opportunity to add some

communication and language skills. Ask your child to help you set the table. The picture below could be

placed on the table to help your child each time.

Have fun!


Supports your child to:    

Sit and be sociable at mealtimes.

Helps them to use a knife, fork, plate, and cup correctly.

Supports them in making independent choices.

Develops language skills.

Develop manners.


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