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Is your child school ready?

During the year we focus on getting our older children ready for the next phase of their education - primary school.

The feedback we get from schools is they want children to be independent in getting their coat on and off, being able to sit, listen and respond appropriately in group time and organise themselves. It is not always about Reading, Writing and Maths. There are many practical ways you can support your child to help them get a good start to school to allow more time for their learning.


Undressing and dressing themselves - Children will take part in PE lessons and they will need to get used to doing this themselves. The more time the children take, the less time they get for physical activity. Please encourage your child to dress and undress by themselves (particularly on days when you are not rushing for school)

Folding their clothes - When a class of 30 children (mostly the same size) take off their uniforms for PE, it is difficult if they can't put their clothes together in a pile. Clothes will get mixed up and lost, teachers can't spend time sorting out all their clothes. This is something you can rehearse at home.

Holding a dinner tray - When our children are so young we are used to putting their meals on the table for them (don't want food on the carpet!). However they are going to have to navigate a busy dinner hall with many chairs and tables and walk while holding a dinner tray. Get your child to take their plate of dinner to the table over the Summer, this way all of their lunch will make it to the table.

Shoe fastening - encourage your child to look at how to fasten their own shoes. Also that they are on the correct feet. 

Coat fastening - most children at nursery age can put on their own coat, but fastening can be tricky. Take some time to get them fastening their own coat

Eating with a knife and fork - children will be expected to sit with others and eat with a knife and fork. 





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