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Challenge: Getting Dressed: Being Independent


Resources:  pants, socks, shorts, T shirt, trousers/skirt, shirt, jumper, coat, shoes, books, school uniform,



What can I do as a parent/carer?                                               

Talk to your child about the sequence of getting dressed/ undressed.

Allow your child to start independently getting undressed (it is easier to start with


Use larger clothing to practice, making it simpler.

Get dressed at the same time as your child and talk about front/ back/top/bottom

Encourage your child to practice using different fastenings such as buttons, zips, Velcro

Practice putting shoes on and off (choose simple fastenings when buying shoes)

Don’t practice getting dressed/ undressed when you’re in a hurry, allow plenty of time.

Avoid difficult clothing such as tights or dungarees.

Use a mirror when practising getting dressed/undressed so children can see themselves.

Give praise.


Supports your child to:  

Get dressed in the right sequence. 

Be able to use different fastenings when getting dressed/ undressed

To be able to independently get dressed/ undressed

Put on take-off shoes independently

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