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Communication and Language Challenges

Challenge 1 - What's in the bag

Challenge 2 - Listening Skills


General Good Advice

What can I do as a parent/carer?                                               

Talk to your child about everyday things.

Ask your child basic open-ended questions. (Avoid questions which require a one word answer such as yes or no)

Sit and go through books, ask questions about what they can see, where is ……?

Talk about the things you both see when out and about.

Allow your child time to think about what they want to say.

Don’t criticise your child for saying something wrong, don’t tell them it is wrong, this may knock their confidence when wanting to speak again. Just repeat the word in a new sentence saying it correctly – role model language. 

Have fun!


Supports your child to:    

Talk about what they are doing now, before and in the future

Use lots of words when they talk about things that interest them and learn new words

Listen to the things you and others say.

Helps them to express how they feel, what they need



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