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Bathroom Sequencing Page

Challenge: Bathroom Sequence Game


Resources:  Sequence sheet.


What can I do as a parent/carer?   

Cut out the images on the sheet and play a game with your child.

Place the images down on a surface and see if your child can choose the order in which they would use the toilet. Please do not tell your child that they are wrong if they place the images in the wrong order, ask them questions about the process. For example if they have placed the ‘washing hands image ‘before going to toilet’  ask questions about what they might have to do before washing their hands or what they may have to do after going to the toilet, support them to think about the process.


Supports your child to:  

  • Think about the process of using the toilet.
  • Have confidence in going to the toilet.
  • Develops good hygiene routines.
  • Helps them to identify items in the bathroom.


Addition Resources:

Learning to use the toilet


Your local library may have books associated with getting dressed.


Apps :

Pepi Bath Lite

Potty Time with Elmo


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