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Bathroom Routine TIPS

Challenge: Bathroom Routines


What can I do as a parent/carer?   

  • Show your child how the toilet works, explain and show them what to do when they need to go to the toilet.
  • Show them and explain how the toilet flushes and how they clean themselves after, how they pull up their underwear and trousers, pull down their dress before leaving the toilet for example.
  • Show them how to wash their hands correctly.
  • Be patient. We all learn from making mistakes.
  • Do not criticise your child, focus on the positives, if you do it may promote anxiety when your child needs to go to the toilet.
  • Never say no if a child needs to go to the toilet.
  • Do not push your child to come out of nappies just because your friend’s child has, children are very different.                                               

Supports your child to:  

  • Be independent.
  • Have confidence in going to the toilet.
  • Develops good hygiene routines.

Additional Resources

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