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Activities 4

Expressive Arts and Design

Musical Instruments

Use this time to collect together resources that you would normally recycle e.g. cartons, egg boxes, yoghurt pots, kitchen roll tubes. These can then be used for craft making materials. (Links with Physical Development). Use some of these recyclables along with dried beans, lentils or buttons to make musical instruments (remember to ‘Keep Safe’ – don’t let your child put these items in their mouth because if swallowed, your child could choke on them. Do not leave your child alone with these items). You can use these resources to make shaking instruments or you can use rubber bands to make plucking instruments.

Let your child decide what they want to make and which of the resources they want to use. This way they can talk to you about their ideas and how they want to make their instrument.  Don’t take over if they have any difficulty with their work; let them think about it and talk about the problems they are having and how they can resolve them (if they are really struggling then offer some support by offering two solutions, this enables them to keep control of their project).

Once the instruments are made, sing songs and rhymes whilst playing them, copy and repeat rhythms and even use them to investigate syllables in words  "My name is Ben - ja - min"


Communication and Language

What Am I?

Guessing games can be a lot of fun and they require your child to focus, listen and concentrate.  Play the ‘What Am I?’ game.  Use a selection of resources for this game e.g. food, different types of toys – vehicles, toy animals or construction blocks. Only put a few out to begin with and if your child is finding the activity easy just increase the number of resources that you use.

Put the resources out (on a tray if you wish) between yourself and your child. You then choose an item without naming it and describe it to your child who then has to guess the item that you are thinking of.

For example:

‘What am I?

I grow on trees

I am red/green

I am crunchy.’ (An apple)



‘What am I?

I grow on trees

You peel me to eat me

I am often turned into juice

My name is also a colour.’ (An orange)



‘What am I?

People usually eat me in the morning

I am served in a bowl and eaten with a spoon

I usually have milk poured on top of me.’ (Cereal).  


If your child wants a challenge, let them describe the objects for you? This requires careful thinking on their part to try and give you clues without making it too easy. This will help them to think about the role of the object and challenge their vocabulary choices.


Physical Development

Build a den (links with PSED, Maths and Expressive Art and Design)

Collect some (bed) sheets or blankets together and some pegs or string.  You could use: a clothes airier, the space under the table, or move some chairs around to form the main frame of the den.

Encourage your child to plan how they want to make their den.  They can talk to you about what they want and what they need for the den e.g. a large piece of material as the cover or a blanket to sit on.  Let them problem solve. For example, if they select a sheet to cover the den, ask them if it will fit. If not ask them what they need to do. (Will they use two sheets to overlap as a cover or connect the sheets using pegs or string?)

Once the den is made, ask them what they think of it. Do they want to make any changes to any part of it? What could make it more interesting? You could put fairy lights or torches in the den, or cushions to make it comfortable to sit in. Your child could draw pictures to decorate the den. 

What could you use the den for?

You may want to use it as an area where you and your child can sit together to look at books or have it as an area for story time.

It can be used as a cave or a castle and you can make resources to add to the den accordingly.

Remember to make all of these activities safe and fun to do.  Your child’s efforts are more important than the end result so make them feel proud of what they have achieved.


Rhyme of the week



‘1, 2, 3, 4, 5…’

‘1, 2, 3, 4, 5,

Once I caught a fish alive

6, 7, 8, 9, 10.

Then I let it go again.

Why did you let it do?

Because it bit my finger so.

Which finger did it bite?

This little finger on my right.’

It’s much better if you sing with your child. However if you are not familiar with the tune or song there is a video here

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