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3-4 year old provision

Nursery (3-4 year old's) runs 8.30am-11.30am and 12.30pm-3.30pm, with the opportunity for some children to stay full days, term time only. 

The Nursery doors open at 8:30. Morning and full day children arrive with their parents and/or carers in Base 2 where all the coat pegs are located. Registration is completed on entry by the children moving their name from their colour group board to the ‘I am here!’ board. Children are welcomed by their Key Person at their area within the classroom and engaged with an activity or to share their thoughts and ideas.

At 9:15 the Key Person for each group talks to the children about what they might do that day, allowing the children to start to plan their activities. They will then have a choice of continuous provision activities accessing both inside and outside at varying times. During this time the teachers will target specific children or small groups to work with to further develop their learning. The Key Person’s will engage with all children as appropriate throughout the provision. 

At 10.00 the children are brought together for a group snack time, this is completed in their Key groups and has a Communication and Language Development focus, in addition to encouraging children to be aware of healthy food and trying new things. Children then rejoin the continuos provision.

Full day children have the choice to bring a packed lunch from home or buy a hot dinner prepared in our 5 star rated on-site kitchen. Lunch time is 11:15am-12pm.

At 11:00 the children will be brought together again to split into their Key Person groups for a planned group time. This activity will be planned by the teachers to include areas of learning - each week children will receive a combination of Maths, Literacy, Phonics and PSED, this is lead by the key worker who differentiates this to the children in their group. Group time will always start and end with favourite rhymes, songs or stories to widen the children’s experiences.

At 11:25 the children will be in their Base ready for collection.

The afternoon reflects the morning with doors opening at 12:30. Snack time will be 1:00 and group time at 2:40. 

Wrap-around care is also available from 8am-9am and 3pm-4pm during term time.

Flatts Nursery School

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