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international mother language day

International Mother Language Day is celebrated every Feb 21 across the globe. The day encourages nations to give importance to their mother language along with different dialects to preserve their cultural identity. We wanted to use this day to celebrate the languages we have in our community.

At Flatts Nursery School we have five languages spoken at school and in our homes. These languages are

  • English
  • Gujerati
  • Kurdish
  • Punjabi (including the dialects, Pothwari and Pahari)
  • Urdu

On February 14th we invited our parents to come and celebrate their home languages with us. We were so pleased with the number of parents who managed to make time to come in and teach us a few words. It was so nice to learn new things together. The children were very proud of their parents for coming and teaching us all. We learnt how to say "Welcome" and "How are you?" in Urdu, we learnt how to say "Come on" in Punjabi and counted to three. Children also brought in items from home e.g. clothes, bangles and their name written in their home language, to celebrate their identity.

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